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May 12 2011

It’s never too late…

…to fix a broken relationship with a student.  That’s what I’ve come to believe.  But it requires a lot from a teacher.  Patience.  Persistence.   Willingness to start fresh.  Faith.

I have one student that I work with that tested my belief in the nature of relationships.  In a moment of frustration, I snapped at her.  At the time, I thought she “deserved it” for acting like a jerk.  But what she really deserved was to have a teacher who modeled the correct way that mature adults handle arguments.  I screwed up.  As people do.

And it cost me, big time, in relationship capital.  This girl, with whom I had previously had a decent relationship, glared at me or ignored me for weeks.

It’s tough not to let that get to you.  But I kept my faith that I with a consistent, warm, professional approach, I could win her back over.

Eventually, it worked.  We’re cool again.

I hope I will find in the coming years that all mistakes I will make in the classroom can be fixed and learned from in the same way.

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